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Become the best version of yourself!

For over 20 years, Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman and Holistic personal development counselor, has accompanied many people, his VIPs, in their quest for purpose and harmony.

His gift and experience are at your service so you may fully live the life you deserve. Ludovic Boucart stands by your side with a personalized and holistic approach on the road to inner harmony.

Your VIP personal development program:

You want to change your life, Ludovic Boucart can help you!

Each person is unique! The first session of an hour and a half with Ludovic Boucart will therefore serve to define the goals you wish to reach according to a chart perfected over 20 years. The themes covered in the chart are varied: love, health, work, money, family, social life, et cetera. Based on the number of objectives to pursue and your budget, a personalized program will be established with Ludovic Boucart. Hand in hand you will work towards the life you have always wished for yet were never able to achieve on your own.

A first meeting to change your life!

A few testimonials:

"I'm very happy to announce the birth of my daughter. After all these years, I stopped believing I could one day become a mother. My husband and I will forever be thankful." - H. Vietnam

"To change partners, jobs and style, I wanted change. In a single session, I got my money's worth." - M. USA

"To be accompanied by Ludovic is first and foremost a real gift. In parts a gift from Ludovic himself, who benevolently puts his talent as Urban Shaman at the service of our wellbeing. A gift also that we give ourselves. The moment I got that, is the moment I truly appreciated how wonderful that gift was. Working with Ludovic is an engagement on a path of self-development, towards a better version of yourself. It is important to be aware this path requires investment both in time and personal effort. I only realized that the energetic realignment operated by Ludovic's Shamanic powers required a daily introspective work on my part after a few sessions. Everything was within me. I just wasn't aware of it. And this newborn awareness was a true revelation to me. From that point on, everything became more coherent and I was able to word specific lifegoals and, more importantly, take concrete steps towards their fulfillment. Today, each advancement only further motivates me to go further by building on what I've learned. To work with Ludovic is also to access complementary supporting packages. Be it in working towards personal development (energetic realignment, Ritual of Molting, Paths of Awakening, ...), harmonization of your life space (energetic cleansing and boost of your home), or giving the best to your children, Ludovic adapts to each and every person (his VIPs as he calls them) and that is a precious thing. I will forever be grateful to ludovic for opening my eyes on so many True things of life and making me aware of their value... And above that, to value and appreciate myself and fully take on my place in the world. As I often tell Ludovic, Shamans should be teachers in schools to transmit their practices of energetic alignment to newer generations. The world would stand to gain much from it, and most likely become a better place ;)" - B. Belgium

In accordance with your goals to reach, Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman and Business and Personal Holistic Counselor, will put his gifts, knowledge and unique methods at your service!

Ludovic Boucart is not an ordinary man and his gifts go beyond mundane understanding. That is why his positive influence will begin as soon as the first session, to ensure you will see rapid results and experience a real change in life. Throughout your VIP sessions, this Urban Shaman will apply a combination of 4 methodologies to the fulfillment of your objectives:

1 - Energetic realignment: Based on the principles of bioenergy, an energetic realignment of the chakras and different plans (physical, etheric, emotional, mental and causal) to recover your harmony, place and creative power, and to fully express your being.

2 - Inner Alchemy: a therapeutic method based on the principles of the alchemic art, which consists in creating a personalized healing space, to unblock deep-seeded memories, beliefs or even emotions. Like the alchemist's fire that transforms matter, this method acts upon the different plans and exerts an in-depth transformation upon you, towards greater unity.

3 - Shamanism: Shamanic therapy gives access to the deepest parts of yourself to instill a state of coherence and alignment between body and spirit. Again, this results in greater peace and harmony.

4 - Expression of the self: Our beliefs, emotions, but also karma, transgenerational archetypes or cellular memories can hinder us from living fully, in body and soul. Once identified and understood, these blockages can enable greater conscience and energy fluidity. Thus, the full expression of the self becomes possible, opening the doors to creating a life connected to our deepest nature.

To grow old is a fact, to grow wiser is a choice.

If you wish to undertake this journey towards yourself, Ludovic Boucart will gladly accompany you.