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Your place

"A healthy place for a healthy life" is certainly the best way to summarize Ludovic's vision.

For times immemorial, mankind has surveyed the land to choose the places where temples, fortresses, homes, creative spaces and even farmlands were to be built. This choice was the duty of the sage, the spiritual guide, the Fengshui master or, the shaman. To choose the right place for the right function. To cultivate harmony of function and purpose for the people to use it, both physically and energetically. To respect the chosen space and adapt it into your vision as organically as possible. Such is the holistic and humanistic way of doing things. To this end, Ludovic Boucart, proud inheritor of this ancestral art, puts his sensitivity and know-how at your disposal.

This way of seeing the world and acting upon it is now called geobology in the West. In the end, the name of the technique used is of little importance. What matters are the quality and dedication of the work, as well as its results.

By harmonizing your home or workplace, you align the energies of the place to your needs and way of life. It is an indispensable step towards greater coherence on your lifepath. Every place has its own history and energy, and choosing the right one should be a full-fledged part of our reflection on personal and professional development.


It is never too late. The best case scenario is to call upon Ludovic Boucart from the start of your construction project or purchase to choose the best possible place for you, based on needs and expectations.

If you are already inhabiting your space, the geobiological expertise will be tailored to your needs, taking the space's particularities (interior and exterior) into consideration. Following the harmonization process, the geobiologist will provide advice on how to fully enjoy your newfound home.

As a guideline, it is best to energetically cleanse and update your home and workplace once a year to continually fit your personal path in life.


As a non-exhaustive list, harmonizing your life space will provide better at-home feeling, reduced stress and tension, higher quality sleep, greater tidiness, a more harmonious family life or relationship and a better sex life, a release from a tragic past, quicker life goal achievement, increased awareness and growth potential and a sentiment of cohesion with your living space and those you share it with, ...

In a professional context, a geobiological expertise tailored to your activity can increase your turnover, improve the coherence within your team, reduce absenteeism and theft, improve the taste of your products if your work in restauration, and help you better target your customers and improve their experience. Ludovic Boucart also accompanies you in the creation of your project by assisting in locating the right place for your activity and energetically adapting it to your needs.

Harmonizing a space can also help it sell faster because a more harmonious energy will attract more buyers, be it for a house or business. Ludovic Boucart also often works with business owners wishing to transfer their company with discretion. Beyond the harmonization of the space, this service also includes help in the negotiations so you may sell your possession for the right price.