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Buddha and the Burj Khalifa - Podcast by Anjaan with Ludovic Boucart

Meet Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman & Natural Holistic Healer the 14th April at 5 pm (Dubaï local time) 

Location - Podcast Room Amphitheatre inside Madinat Jumeirah (next to McGettigans)

Show Concept - A brand new podcast exploring whether spirituality can coexist with materialism. It will share ideas and concepts on how desire (and fulfilment of desire) can co-exist with true inner growth.

The Buddha is an archetype that stands for everything spiritual and non-materialistic. It stands for renunciation of desireThe Burj Khalifa is an archetype that stands for everything materialistic, capitalistic, consumeristic and wealth or possession driven. It stands for opulence.
This podcast explores the dichotomy between materialism and spirituality. We will talk to yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, business owners, spiritual guides and healers successful corporate folks who reside in Big urban cities like Dubai (and other cities) and talk about how they balance these two seemingly opposing ideologies.

Live Audience - The show recording happens in a PODCAST room at the Madinat Jumeirah with the Burj AL Arab in the background. There is a massive screen at the amphitheatre that will share the audio & video feed LIVE for anyone who wants to come and watch you. There are many offerings of F&B and the organisers are even willing to offer you a 5% of the bill for any of your guests who come to watch the show LIVE.

About the host - Anjaan brings to the table a unique mix of business and spirituality. Born into a vedic and yogic family he has been living the ways of a Yogi since a young age. He is a meditation teacher and also a proponent of Tantra having learnt from a variety of masters. He also calls upon his experience of 20 years in Commercial Radio broadcasting and hosting prime time radio shows across various networks.