Once you start being yourself, there is no turning back.


Ludovic Boucart offers his gift to you, whether you are a business or an individual.

His VIPs, as he calls them, Ludovic Boucart hosts in Brussels, Urban Shaman style! Be it a newborn or a venerable elder, a student seeking direction or a couple, a burnt out professional or simply you, wishing to live your dreams out, Ludovic Boucart uses his talents quickly and efficiently, as many will testify. All to achieve lasting and remarkable results! 


In a professional context, Ludovic Boucart uses his experience and skills to optimize your investments and create the right work environment, a reflection of your values.

Throughout history, mankind has used earthen energies to select their places of life and worship. A proud inheritor of this tradition, Ludovic Boucart also offers his gift to harmonize your home in accordance with your needs and life path. An indispensable step on the journey of personal growth, the energetic harmonization of your home or business will enable you to take new developments in stride and align them with your place and those who share it with you.

Ludovic Boucart invites you to tune into your instincts, to learn to observe and listen to your surroundings, to feel and interact with nature through his paths of awakening. Be it in the city or in the wild, this initiation and spiritual quest enables you to reach your true self and better understand it, and thus yourself.