Being yourself in happiness is true success

Your business 

Business owners, elevate your company

Urban Shaman and Holistic Business Growth and Development Counselor, intuitive and versatile, Ludovic Boucart puts his many skills at the service of your company.

With a background in sciences and management, he created his own company of international renown in the high-end sector. Following this incredible experience, he now splits his life between Europe, Asia and North America to perfect his teachings and help businesses reach towards success. 

Outline of a VIP business program

Every day is unique! That is why in the context of a first encounter, Ludovic Boucart will analyze your needs in depth, in accordance with your work environment, human resources policy and company philosophy.

Based on your budget, a personalized program will be established with Ludovic Boucart, to give you the tools to reach your goals in a natural and organic way.

The business VIP program revolves around two major axis:

> The business owner's guidance and personal development

> A general expertise of the different aspects of your company, accompanied with solutions and an energetic (geobiological) realignement of the workspace.


A fulfilled business owner leads to guaranteed results!

Develop your leadership skills by becoming the better version of yourself

When the best leader's work is done the people say, "we did it ourselves." - Lao Tzu

For Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman and Holistic Business Growth and Development Counselor, the business owner or boss has to behave as such and commit to the role fully. Ludovic puts his gifts, knowledge and unique methods at your disposal so you may do exactly that, in a respectful, prosperous and fulfilling environment! As a leader, to have clear ideas, sit well in your shoes, overcome your weaknesses and develop your strengths and charisma are all powerful traits. When applied to your business, they will allow it to expand beyond its limits.

>As a key component of your business, transforming yourself, is transforming the company. By being the best version of yourself, you will gain all the necessary tools to inspire and guide your collaborators towards success. You will also better attract future customers and collaborators that, again, will boost your business even further.

An analysis of your personal goals, as the business owner, will enable Ludovic Boucart to accompany you throughout your transformation and to make you grow as a CEO. The goal being, of course, to improve and consolidate your skills and abilities, but also to improve your quality of life! 

> A new right-hand man to guide you towards success

Ludovic Boucart knows the art of perceiving and pointing out qualities, but also weaknesses. Your success and that of your business is not happenstance. Once things are brought to light and aligned with the philosophy of the house and your objectives, results are not long in coming. As an Urban Shaman and Holistic Business Growth and Development Counselor, Ludovic Boucart, puts his unique know-how at your service, to bring all the necessary conditions to your success together.

The impact of his methods is something that must be experienced first-hand. It is not a matter of belief, or anything of the sort here. A firm believer in tangible proof, Ludovic is a pragmatic man anchored in his time. His gift is at your service and honesty, speed and efficiency are three words that describe his work well.

A testimonial of Jean Galler (Belgian Maître Chocolatier) following a harmonization of his chocolate factory and shops: "happier customers and employees, an even tastier chocolate and a turnover that is still growing ever since the passage of Ludovic Boucart!"


Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail - Leonardo da Vinci

Every detail is important to Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman and Holistic Business Growth and Development Counselor. His innate sense of observation, his feeling, his pragmatism and experiences are major trump cards for the success and harmony of your business!

With Ludovic Boucart, you will be able to concretely reshape every aspect of your company, from giving new direction to your organization, management, marketing and commercial strategies, to boosting the quality of your human resources, finances and products and services added value, et cetera.

Transform the energy of your company

In accordance with your target goals, a geobiological expertise of your workplace (offices, retail points, factories, operating areas, production points and warehouses, et cetera) will instill the necessary energies to boost your success rate. The expected results are:

Improved turnover

Better in-team coherence, less absenteeism, greater sense of fulfillment

Improved taste quality of your products if you work in the food and beverage industry

>  Improved customer selection and their experience at your establishments

>  Et cetera

Testimonial of Franck GRUX, technical director - Domaine Olivier Leflaive, Puligny-Montachet - France

"We were experiencing reoccurring stuck alcoholic or malolactic fermentation, difficulties in blending and fining, on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay both, in specific places of our wineries, either in oak barrels or in stainless vats. After a few days of energetic realignment and for five years since, we haven't seen or heard word of these problems..."

Ludovic Boucart also accompanies you in the creation of your project by assisting in locating the right place for your activity and energetically adapting it to your needs.

Harmonizing a space can also help it sell faster because a more harmonious energy will attract more buyers, be it for a house or a business. Ludovic Boucart also often works with business owners wishing to transfer their company with discretion. Beyond the harmonization of the space, this service also includes help in the negotiations so you may sell your possession for the right price.

Transform your company's intangible assets.

Go from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

An invisible action for visible results, thanks to his gifts and extraordinary methods, Ludovic Boucart can help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your projects, be it in company strategy, marketing, human resources, financial wellbeing, new product and service development, et cetera.

A specific program will be enacted by Ludovic Boucart based on this analysis, to provide you with all the cards to succeed. Thanks to his sixth sense, Ludovic Boucart will help you avert mistakes and fatal threats to your business by identifying them, warning you and providing new ideas and advice to lead you towards success.

His field of action is very broad. To give an idea, here are a few examples:

Recruitment problems: attracting and selecting the right applicants

Product and service quality problems: identification of the issues and implementation of appropriate solutions

Definition of new business plan: identification of key points to develop

Prediction of future threats to your business (supply, logistics, partnerships, hacking, et cetera.)

Ludovic Boucart is at your disposal for a first appointment to answer your questions and needs.

Success is not a matter of luck, but rather the ability to understand things, to follow the right path and to cease opportunities as you go!