The road of life teaches one lesson: to go from fear to love.

Your instinct

To walk in full conscience is to allow yourself to meditate and focus on the here and now. Especially if you do so in choice energetic places that realign and reinvigorate you, such as the Way of St. James. Roads of pilgrimage and places of worship, regardless of their origins or traditions, always hold special power, yet are never the fruit of mere happenstance. They are always chosen and traced by enlightened people, crossing through energetic places that have the ability to transform us.

One might assume such places are rare and out of the way, however they are all around us, even in cities. Don't wait until a grand journey to get started!

Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman and geobiologist, can see and feel the energies vested within a place. Through his Paths of Awakening, he invites you to reconnect with yourself and your feelings for the time of a walk, be it in the wild or in a city. A true initiation, these modern roads of pilgrimage traced by Ludovic Boucart enable you to reinvigorate, realign and recenter yourself energetically and spiritually. Throughout history, mankind has used telluric (earthen) energies to heal, answer their questions, regain their strengths or enact rites of passage. The Paths of Awakening follow the same tradition, to allow you to be closer to your true self first, and give you the tools to grow above and beyond second.

Step by step, Ludovic Boucart guides you, yet lets you discover, feel and understand by yourself. The only thing that matters in those unique moments is your personal experience. Learning to feel, to observe and to voice sensations, to understand the impact of specific places on your body and spirit, such is also the goal of these extraordinary walks.

In the end, you will come out a changed person, richer and lighter. You will discover paths that you will be able to reexplore on your own or share with your close ones. And even one day perhaps co-create one with Ludovic Boucart, specific to you and your needs!